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Firelight Green Walky Man (1995)  The Foundation  Vocals - Peter Post
Guitars - Neil Kennedy
Bass - Brent O'Hara
Keys - Andre LeBlanc
Drums - Greg Beach 
August Wind Green Walky Man (1995)   The Foundation  
Riviera Blues Green Walky Man (1995)   The Foundation  
The Trip Green Walky Man (1995)   The Foundation  
Welcome Home Green Walky Man (1995)   The Foundation  
Seen It All Before Bishop (1998)  Bishop  Vocals & Guitar - Peter Post
Guitar - Mike Schram
Bass - Steve Haché
Drums - Brian Kent
Son Bishop (1998)   Bishop 
Must Be A Reason Bishop (1998)   Bishop 
Don't Let The Man Get You Down Change (2003) Peter Post  Vocals & Guitar - Peter Post
Guitars - John Maher, Robin Ettles, Chris Colepaugh, Steve LeBlanc, Al Cooper
Bass - Brent O'Hara, John Maher, Robin Ettles
Keys - Jac Gautreau
Drums - Moe Fougere
Vocals - Stephanie Hopper  
13 July Change (2003)  Peter Post  
Why? Change (2003)  Peter Post  
I Can Hear You Change (2003)  Peter Post  
Would You Change (2003)  Peter Post  
Run Web (2008) big whale  Reached #53, (Canadian Contemporary Chart)
Aphrodisiac (live) Web  (2012) Retro Kings  Live at the Fox & Hound